Welcome to Elite Anaesthesia - we are happy that you've decided to join us or use our service!

Elite Anaesthesia is principally designed as a construct to coordinate work in the interests of our Associated Anaesthetists, Surgeons, Dentists and Midwives and is not intended to be a formalised group structure but rather a collection of anaesthetists with common interests and objectives. We do not discriminate, and Associates can be either Independents or members of Groups.

In practice, being an Associate results in membership of the Elite Anaesthesia Whatsapp group which was created to share work among Associates in the interests of those Surgeons and Dentists who may require our services.  There is in practice no limit to the number of Anaesthetists that can join Elite Anaesthesia, and in our view more more Associates means a greater coordination of demand and supply: as a free service there is no financial impediment to join.

While there is no specific requirement, there is an expectation of quid pro quo and Associates are encouraged to not only accept work but provide work to Associates, e.g. if you offered work and cannot do it, we encourage you to put it out on our Whatsapp group; further please consider using this group when seeking relief of your own sessions when you are absent, or simply contact Dr Wells directly to coordinate.

As this is a coordination framework only, the usual legal disclaimers apply, viz: the anaesthetic practice of associates is entirely the responsibility of those individual Anaesthetists and Elite Anaesthesia or myself do not, by granting association or any other action, take any legal or other responsibility for the practices of those Anaesthetists, which remains entirely their own responsibility. In short, it is not a framework for validation. Association is entirely at the discretion of myself as is consistent with its nature as a free service. We also provide no guarantee that sessions will be filled, or even properly advertised, as it is dependent on a backend which we do not own (Whatsapp).

However, be reassured that as an Associate you have complete control over the extent to which you intend to use this service - Whatsapp provides a "mute" feature if you do not want to be disturbed. Of course, Associates are always empowered to unsubscribe directly on the Whatsapp group and should they do so their Association is viewed as terminated. Whatsapp was chosen as the communication framework given its end to end encryption which preserves the privacy of our communication. Finally, Dr Wells also reserves the right to unilaterally unsubscribe associates at his own discretion or even terminate this association entirely, given that it operates at his own cost using his own infrastructure and domain.

Unfortunately, this webportal is unable to answer or coordinate patient enquiries given that would imply a significant additional administrative burden for what is a free service, and any such enquiries should be directed to the specific Anaesthetist in question: messages left on our phone bank service that are not from surgeons, dentists, midwives or anaesthetists will unfortunately not be answered.

The practice and intent of Elite Anaesthesia may well evolve in the future; it is a project under evolution, and your feedback is most welcome.