Associates of Elite Anaesthesia support our surgeons throughout the full spectrum of patient care rather than just attendance on the day of surgery; how this is done depends on the individual anaesthetist.

Our founder, Dr Brett Wells, does this by leveraging off his webportal and other integrated information technologies, including preoperative surveys and informational blogs. Dedicated portals for Caesareans (Caesarean Hub) and Epidurals (Epidural Hub) will be of specific interest to obstetricians: this is an unprecedented innovation in local practice, has assisted in better connecting patients to their care, and has resulted in significant improvements in patient satisfaction. These frameworks are in addition to the technical and organisational expertise surgeons can expect on the day of surgery to optimise patients and have efficient throughput of the service.

Surgeons are invited to contact us regarding servicing their theatre sessions throughout Sydney; alternatively provide details directly on our booking form.

Supporting Surgeons: